Why is it important and how do you create a meaningful culture that attracts the best people, encourages and enables them to be the most productive and lays the foundation for your company to prosper long after you’re gone?

Ingrained Values Lead To Predictable Results 

Entrepreneurs should not try to control their employees. Any hierarchy that operates that way is doomed to fail. People appreciate direction but need to exercise their own will, especially in their own specialized domain where competent managers feel they know more than their bosses and especially higher management that is usually far removed from the day-to-day interactions for which they are responsible.

A far better way to manage, assuming the company didn’t violate the first rule of hiring and that is to hire the best person for the job, is to make sure each person knows what principles the company is based on and the values on which the company stands. This then becomes the lens that all problems are viewed through and only those choices that reflect those principles and values will be selected by the employee… without any supervisor looking over their shoulder.

When the destination is clear and precise and agreed upon by all employees, then employees feel confident and empowered knowing that management has confidence in their decision to make the right choices in the best interests of the company. Result: honesty, integrity, satisfied and happy employees making the right and efficient decisions with less tension and more job satisfaction leading to more robust growth and profitability in line with the company’s mission.

It’s an obvious and foregone conclusion that workers who are happy and fulfilled by their job perform better.

Your Culture is the Foundations That Supports Your Company 

It provides the foundational principles of your company;

It provides guidance for all your company’s decisions;

It aligns different people in your company with potentially conflicting agendas;

It helps attract, motivate and retain the type of employees that are most likely to be effective working harmoniously as a group; and

It provides consistency, stability and dependability that people can trust and rely on.

Why You Need to Care About Your Company’s Culture

The workplace should be a place that people look forward to coming to every day. They should be excited about their jobs because they enjoy the challenges, being with their co-workers and the environment where they work. While the work may be hard, it shouldn’t provoke stress. On the contrary, the culture should be designed to alleviate work-related stress and promote employee enthusiasm.

Employers need to create conditions that foster satisfaction among their employees because increased satisfaction leads to increased productivity. And when a business is more productive, it has a built-in competitive advantage. The best investment your company can make is to build a supportive culture.

Think of your culture as the glue that binds your company together.

Once you understand this, it will quickly become apparent how culture becomes an important and effective recruiting tool. Further, if your company has a positive work environment it will become easier to attract more talented employees. That is just the first major advantage of building a company’s culture around a set of known principles your employees embrace. Employees will not only live by these principles, they’ll thrive by them. It’ll help minimize your company’s downtime while fostering an atmosphere to extend its uptime thus lessening costs, improving profits and laying the foundation for even further growth and development.

Considering that culture plays such an important role in every company’s success, it should be an intuitively accepted conclusion that a company whose culture facilitates employee satisfaction will operate at a much higher level of performance. Therefore, it is surprising, almost shocking, that so many entrepreneurs fail to give this area of their business the attention it deserves, especially since it doesn’t require any huge investment of funds, can be totally under the control of the entrepreneur and could result in much more pleasant work environment with substantially better results.

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