Learn More about REW & UltraPERX

Revenue Enhancement Worldwide (REW)
This compelling series of videos written and produced by Franklin Wolfson and REW was designed to introduce investors to the company’s business model, its financial potential and the many unique ideas and concepts the company employs to benefit its Clients, Members and Investors.
REW can take virtually any organization and increase its revenue without cost or risk. It’s business model will work for both for profit companies and nonprofit organizations.
REW is committed to disrupting the retail industry through cooperation, not competition and raise the standards and expectations of Clients and Members on a global basis.

Revenue Enhancement Worldwide is expanding our financial services programs to help both for profit companies and nonprofit organizations reduce their tax liabilities. Let’s face, no one likes to pay taxes but there’s very little we can do about it… until now.

The Un-Unicorn
This first video in the series explains why Revenue Enhancement Worldwide expects to be a multi-billion dollar business but unlike other super growth start-ups known as Unicorns that sacrifice profits in search for growth, REW also plans to grow quickly… but be extremely profitable.
This video was created to explain the benefits of REW’s UltraPERX Program to its Members and help people understand how UltraPERX will provide the most rewarding shopping experience on the Internet by creating a website that goes beyond “personalization” all the way to “customization.”
Warren Buffett
This video takes place sometime in the future and uses a fictional conversation between Warren Buffet and an angel to explain the benefits of REW’s business to all its stakeholders and discusses the “Mantras” that REW is built upon and form the background for every decision made by the company.
         Increase Client Revenue
         Save Members Money
         Be Generous to Employees
         Protect Investors
         Give Back to the Community
UBER Drive
In this promotional video, we demonstrate the world’s most effective lubricant and car care technology and how using and marketing them can substantially add to Uber and Uber Driver’s income.