Franklin Wolfson, creator and CEO of Revenue Enhancement Worldwide, shares his thoughtful vision on why his business and model stands to revolutionize the way we build and share our profits.

Take a look at the following advice from Franklin: 

The Old Solutions Are Bandages, Not Cures

Solving problems of this magnitude requires radical thinking… perhaps even “reverse thinking.” By that I mean, instead of asking businesses whose profits had been eroded and individuals whose family incomes had shrunken to donate more money, why not have businesses, individuals and nonprofits enter into a symbiotic relationship whereby each would benefit? If this synergy could be achieved, it could create a force that could affect every organization and every family in the country…. and create an incredible business opportunity.

Was my vision realistic? … perhaps. Was the goal worthy? … most definitely. Could it be accomplished? … we’re about to find out.

After many years and millions of dollars in R&D, what once was “wishful thinking” has evolved into a business called Revenue Enhancement Worldwide and brands called UltraPERX™, International Premium Financing Associates (IPFA) and H.O.P.E.

We’re All Stronger When We Work Cooperatively, Not Competitively

What was once one man’s dream will shortly become a coalition of businesses, individuals and nonprofits cooperating together to achieve benefits for each. Businesses will generate customers; families will save money; individuals will earn supplemental income; and nonprofits will generate more money than almost any other fundraising method.

I Refuse to Listen to the Naysayers and Doubters

To some of you this might sound impossible; to others it may sound Pollyannaish but to me it was a challenge to create not just a new company but, a brand new industry… revenue enhancement. This would be a better way to bring nonprofits, businesses and people together for their mutual benefit… and thus was born, Revenue Enhancement Worldwide and our brands, UltraPERX, IPFA and H.O.P.E.

It Wasn’t Always Easy, It Wasn’t Always Fun But It Was Always Worthwhile

It took longer than expected, we overcame more hurdles than we anticipated and it cost more money than we planned but we built something more exciting than we imagined that will generate more revenue for Clients than we expected and will provide a greater source of money for nonprofits than they hoped (and prayed) for and will result in a more profitable business than we ever dreamed.

A Different Set of Principles Guides a Different Type of Company

Revenue Enhancement Worldwide or REW for short was founded on cooperation, sharing and generosity. I firmly believe the more generous we are to our clients, members, marketing associates, employees and our community, the more successful we will be because everyone benefits.

We do this by offering great discounts on great products and services and then share a portion of the profits we earn with our Clients. REW is also committed to donating a portion of our profits to support worthy causes, charities, schools, hospital, veterans’ organizations and religious and nonprofit organizations.

We’re Putting the “Fun” Back in Fundraising

After we launch our UltraPERX division, doing business with REW will also be an exciting, profitable and fun experience because we offer our Members huge discounts, generous cash back programs and a rewarding shopping experience where Members can win valuable prizes just for visiting our site even if they don’t buy anything.

REW expects to pay generous commissions and give away prizes totaling tens of millions of dollars. This is also the best way I know of to build a huge business quickly, have it increase annually and last indefinitely.

REW and all of its subsidiaries are Performance Based Businesses

Let me be very clear. I’m an unapologetic capitalist. I believe that profit is our just reward for creating something people want or need and the better we fulfill those wants and needs the greater should be our reward. My fervent belief is that businesses grow faster when they work cooperatively to help people… not exploit them.

Your Invitation to Join This New Movement

Whether you’re excited or skeptical about what you just learned, the following is all you have to do to find out if you will benefit from being affiliated with REW, UltraPERX, International Premium Financing Associates (IPFA) and H.O.P.E.

  1. If you’re a business in need of additional revenue, send us your contact information… we’ll show you how to increase your revenue without or at minimum cost or risk by becoming an IPFA Business Client
  1. If you’re a nonprofit and are interested in having a no-cost, no-risk, money generating engine that could grow each year and last indefinitely, don’t procrastinate and take advantage of this opportunity right now by becoming a Nonprofit Client
  1. If you’re a high net worth individual interested in preserving your estate or generating a tax-free retirement, you need to learn more about premium financing and we’ll be happy to educate you and your current insurance agent who we will gladly partner with… not replace, and

If you’re an individual interested in earning an income for life, without risking any money, working long hours and by doing something that you already know how to do and will now get the extra pleasure of helping yourself while you’re helping others, then become an Ambassador by referring your nonprofit contacts.