Planning for Your Retirement

If you’re approaching retirement, make sure you’re prepared
Many entrepreneurs when they start their businesses are naturally full of excitement and believe their dreams of success and financial security are about to be fulfilled. While their optimism is commendable, and I hope all of them achieve a level of success that goes far beyond their expectations, some of them will find themselves awakening from a bad dream only to find they are actually living in a financial nightmare. So it is always best to follow this mantra, “hope for the best but plan for the worst.”

And one of the most important events entrepreneurs should plan for is retirement… which may turn out to be voluntary or involuntary.

Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of mistakenly believing that the value of their business will be sufficient to provide them a comfortable and secure lifestyle in their golden years. Unfortunately, as the following series of articles demonstrate, the overwhelmingly majority of Americans don’t, and won’t have sufficient funds or resources to allow them to retire comfortably… and the situation could get worse… much worse.

Please read the following series of articles and make sure you’re not one of the unprepared because you’re one of the uninformed and if you are, take steps immediately to rectify your situation… you can send me a letter of thanks on your 65th birthday.

I believe the future of America is dependent upon the millions of entrepreneurs with the vision to shape our future, their unfaltering faith in their vision and their willingness to endure any sacrifice to convert that vision into a reality and their fortitude in overcoming all obstacles to bring that reality to market and their drive and perseverance to make their reality a success whereby everyone benefits from suppliers to employees to customers and all the supporting and affiliate entities in-between.

May the entrepreneurial spirit of Americans, never diminish.