People don’t get excited about making a donation… they make a donation because they’re excited about what it will accomplish and who it will help. Therefore, it is imperative your donors know how their money will be spent. They deserve this information and you should feel obligated to provide it.

The nice thing is, the better they understand what you are trying to accomplish, the more likely they are to support it and, as a bonus, the more generous they are likely to be with their donations. Here’s an easy way to accomplish that.

Just be sure to follow-up periodically so after they make their donation, they continually feel good they made the right decision in supporting your project.

Remember, even though you are a nonprofit, you are competing with other nonprofits for your donors’ money and there is no shortage of places for them to donate… just a shortage of funds. So if you want donors to choose your project, give them the respect they deserve by continually informing them of the progress your organization is making to bring the project to fulfillment. Besides being the right thing to do, it will improve your relationship with your donors and make it easier for you to approach them for your next project.