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What is Revenue Enhancement Worldwide and Why Should You Care?

Benefits to Clients
Revenue Enhancement Worldwide (REW) is an innovative and unique business that has pioneered the field of “revenue enhancement.” Its business model benefits all organizations, whether for profit or nonprofit because it provides them the opportunity to increase their revenue without cost or risk. In today’s economic environment with so many people unemployed or underemployed and so many organizations struggling to survive, this is a timely and much needed new business.


Benefits to Members

REW’s UltraPERX subsidiary offers a FREE membership-based platform that sells millions of first quality products and services at extremely low prices to save its Members money on just about anything they buy online from more than 2,000 of the country’s best- known retailers. These companies include Macy’s, Kohl’s, Target, Bloomingdales, Gap and even Amazon and other online retailers.

In addition, the company’s own ULTRAstore™ provides an additional 12.5% discount on millions of already highly discounted products from major manufacturers and then gives Members an additional 12.5% cash back when they make a purchase using their UltraPERX SMARTcard™, for a total additional savings of 25% and… shipping is always FREE on all purchases over $35… at no additional cost.

And if that weren’t enough to get you excited, every time Members visit the site, UltraPERX enters their name in a sweepstakes to win valuable prizes up to a new car and gives Members FREE UP Shopping Dollars™ on every purchase to spend at the ULTRAstore (up to 25% of a product’s cost) saving them even more money.

The company is able to do this because it utilizes sophisticated technology to save its Members time and aggravation when shopping. Members don’t have to waste time searching for all those “promo codes,” UltraPERX updates them on tens of millions of products everyday and makes them available right upfront so Members never lose an opportunity to save money. And, when Members shop at their favorite stores online, they will also get cash back on every item they buy. Plus, the company has reduced or eliminated many of the costs of running its business so with lower overhead, they can pass additional savings on to its Members.

With all those promo code savings, cash back on almost every purchase, UP Shopping Dollars and multiple chances to win a new car, it’s no wonder that REW and UltraPERX will be the next great Internet success story.


The Revenue Enhancement Group
REW has developed a very powerful Member Referral Incentive Program that generates revenue for its Clients from people who are not and never will be, customers or supporters of the Client. In fact, most of the Members in this group, known as the Client’s “Revenue Enhancement Group” (REG) and most of the revenue generated by the group, will be generated from people who won’t even know who the Client is, will never be customers or supporters of the Client and, in some instances, may even prefer to do business with a competitor of the Client.

By utilizing all these creative techniques, REW’s truly unique business model can result in substantially increasing its Client’ revenue without interfering with the Client’s business or fundraising activities.

Building an Income for Life
Once a person becomes a Member, that person as well as every additional person she refers and all their referrals as well are “attached” to that Client for life. Therefore, without the Client doing any additional work, their revenue increases as the group grows, as REW adds more products and services and people shop more frequently and feel comfortable making purchasing more expensive items.

REW’s business model is built on cooperation and collaboration… not competition. This is a critically important distinction because it allows the company to “instantly partner” with other companies and organizations giving REW access to their products, services, customers and supporters without the company having to spend the time and resources to develop this itself. Further, if you view the REW business model as a service to its Clients, like Visa and Mastercard, the company doesn’t have to choose among competitive companies, instead, it can do business with all of them.


Beyond “Personal Shopping” – Welcome to “Individualized Shopping”
While many companies are busy transforming their promotional efforts from “mass appeal” (think TV commercials) to “personal appeal” (think targeted ads by Google), UltraPERX has already leapfrogged past personalization to “individualization” by letting its Members customize their shopping experience based on what “each individual Member” is telling the company she is interested in vs. other companies that delivering products, services and promotions based upon what some “algorithm” predicts they want to see.

UltraPERX Is Much More Customer Centric Than Other Online Retailers Making UltraPERX Not Just Different, but Significantly Better

At UltraPERX, the company is laser focused on its Members’ entire shopping experience, from product selection to receipt of order and all points in between, UltraPERX is committed to delivering the ultimate shopping experience including: selection, ease of navigation, price, discounts, FREE delivery, games, concierge service, returns policy, the opportunity to win valuable prizes and the company’s generosity in giving back to the community.

And as a bonus, all UltraPERX Members are invited to become UltraPERX Ambassadors and earn an income for life!
UltraPERX Members who recommend businesses and organizations to become Clients will be able to earn a commission on every sale that every current and future Revenue Enhancement Group Member makes at the ULTRAstore for life!


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… and if you think the above is exciting, just wait until my next blog to learn how REW intends to enrich its Clients and Members in the most rewarding IPO offering imaginable!