If this happens to your startup, and it will to many well thought of companies within the next two years, employees will realize that they’re just “wannabes” who “couldabeen” but are “nevergonnabe.” Because in the land ruled by King VC… even with the most sophisticated software available… those dreams of owning a big house, belonging to an elite country club, sending your kids to private school, driving an Italian sports car and throwing parties on your fancy yacht are never going to be realized.

If the company you chose to work for doesn’t become successful, and I mean “making a sustainable profit” successful, all your dreams are going to wither and die, swallowed up in the storm clouds that have been forming and growing around the business since its inception. Too bad your boss never told you on the day s/he hired you and shook your hand and said “welcome to the team,” that it was already raining nor even warned you that you may need to buy an umbrella.

The Game is Rigged

The outcome has already been decided and although you were invited to play, no one ever bothered to teach you the real rules of the game so instead of becoming the indispensible star, you became just another sacrificial pawn. And the sad part is you became so blinded by all that bling, you failed to see and acknowledge the true reality that while your “fortune” in stock options was shrinking, you were conned into believing it was actually growing.

And just like an addict who is incapable of seeing reality through the fog of drugs,

your own ego prevented you from seeing reality as you willingly inhaled all those false euphoric promises more deeply with each increased funding round as you allowed yourself to be consumed in the intoxicating vapor of what you now know to be a mountain of BS built on empty promises over a hole of debt that keeps getting deeper and more unstable with each passing day.

And the really sad part is there is nothing you can do about it because it is all perfectly legal while at the same time being impeccably immoral. So now when you look in the mirror instead of seeing an image of the smartest guy in the room you find staring back at you the village idiot or should I say “the Valley idiot… and there’s not much comfort in knowing all your co-workers are probably feeling exactly the same way.