Creating An Effective Company Culture

It's more important than you can possibly imagine

Welcome to Franklin Wolfson’s miniseries: Creating an Effective Company Culture. Written as a multi-part blog series, this guide will help other entrepreneurs, especially first-time entrepreneurs, build a successful company. This guide will have a profound effect on your business, your employees, and your personal growth and satisfaction as you transition from an employee to an employer.

What Is the Motivation for Anyone to Become an Entrepreneur?

It is highly unlikely that any entrepreneur woke up one morning and said, today would be a great day to start a business. It’s much more likely that every entrepreneur first sought to either solve a problem or serve a calling. Most are dissatisfied with the status quo...
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Entrepreneurs as Visionaries

Entrepreneurs Should Be Visionaries, They Shouldn’t Also Be Required to Have All the Right Answers All the Time No one has all the answers. The best companies work from the bottom up. If your company is going to prosper, you will constantly be hiring new employees....
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Effective Communication is the Key to Success

No matter how smart you are, no matter how brilliant or innovative your business model, no matter how talented your staff, or how much money you have to promote your business, if you fail to communicate well, you will not succeed.  Just remember, communication is a...
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Defining Your Company’s Mission and Core Values

What are your company’s mission and core values? What is best for the company? How do you know your employees agree with them and will be influenced by them and how can a company teach, measure and judge if they are effective in meeting your company’s objective?...
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Why Culture Is Important

Why is it important and how do you create a meaningful culture that attracts the best people, encourages and enables them to be the most productive and lays the foundation for your company to prosper long after you’re gone? Ingrained Values Lead To Predictable...
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Creating a Great Company Culture

In my previous post, I’ve outlined Why Culture is Important. Now, let’s talk about how to create one. First, please understand that I’m only concerned with company’s that take the long view. If you’re building or buying a company to “flip it” this series...
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Take Charge in Creating Your Company’s Culture

There are only two main ways to build your company’s culture. You can either develop a plan and meticulously implement it or, you can let it develop on its own with little attention to guide the process. I can assure you the latter will most likely come with...
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“I Hate Rules”: Understanding Common Employees Complaints

In our last post, we discussed the importance of effective communication. What’s next on our agenda? I Hate Rules and Restrictions and I’ll Bet You Do Too So It Shouldn’t Be Surprising Your Employees Hate Them As Well Yes, there are laws to which we must adhere...
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Enlisting Your Company to Support Your Mission

Yes, employees appreciate and want a certain level of autonomy but remember, they are employees, they still look to management for guidance and direction so it’s important you post your vision, communicate your vision and make sure everyone understands and follows...
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Creating Company Culture