Are you an first-time entrepreneur? Looking to start and operate a successful and sustainable company?

Serial entrepreneur, Franklin Wolfson, has crafted a guide to help you navigate the challenging waters of company culture. This guide will have a profound effect on your business, your employees, and your personal growth and satisfaction as you transition from an employee to an employer.

How to Build Great Company Culture

Entrepreneurs as Visionaries – Entrepreneurs Should Be Visionaries, They Shouldn’t Also Be Required to Have All the Right Answers All the Time

Defining Your Company’s Mission and Core Values – What are your company’s mission and core values? What is best for the company?

Why Culture is Important – Ingrained Values Lead To Predictable Results

Creating a Great Company Culture – Only Hire People Who Fit Your Culture and Strengthen Your Team

Take Charge in Creating Your Company’s Culture – You know what type of culture you want to develop for your company, but do your employees know and understand what you are trying to accomplish?

Effective Communication is the Key to Success – Identify your company’s mission then communicate it effectively.

“I Hate Rules”: Understanding Common Employees Complaints – When hiring, if you hire people whose values and principles you share, you are half way to building an effective culture.

Enlisting Your Company to Support Your Mission – When your employees believe their opinions matter, they then know they matter. When they know they matter, magical things happen.

How To Measure and Evaluate Your Company’s Culture – It’s very easy to measure the cost of an employee’s salary to the company. It’s much more difficult to measure the employee’s worth.

Planning Ahead: Preparing Your Company for a Prosperous Future – Imagine you’ve been transported twenty years in the future and you’re looking at your company. What should you have done to define your legacy?

The Problem with Culture – When a company has a strong culture, it will attract strong leaders that will further help mold, communicate and implement the company’s culture to other employees.

The Problem With Culture Part II – No business has much of a future unless it is “customer focused,” especially in today’s environment where everyone is constantly in reach of some type of electronic device that is connected to social media.

If You Want to be Successful Today, Work Backwards – If your company does not have a clear set of priorities that every one believes in and acts upon, you have another problem… you have to examine (and correct) your company’s culture.

High Skills Set, Low Standard – Managers and especially entrepreneurs should also look to build a staff built on diversity.

Find And Fix Your Weakest Link – The old rules of running a successful business are dead… bury them.

How Do You Feel About Your Customers? –  Sometimes, Even When You Do All the Right Things, It Still Doesn’t Work Out Well… It’s What You Do Next That Really Counts.

The Value of Teamwork – It’s simple, teams place their team first, individuals place themselves first.